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matrix (n.): an environment in which something develops

+ We offer online summer courses to teach the next generation of STEM professionals programming, along with the skills they need to succeed in an incresingly tech focused world.

We offer courses for kids grades 5-8, around the nation, depending on the locations of our branches.
Topics include HTML/CSS, Python, Java, and Javascript Web Development.

+ In theCodeMatrix, we believe that the community, environment, and passion of a person truly shapes who they are. That's why we strive to create an environment where people can connect which each other and with mentors who will help them cultivate their interests and develop skills. theCodeMatrix is an environment in which everyone can develop.

+ Our curriculum is intertwined with our values. We encourage our students to break away from the norm of traditional coding by designing interactive and applicable workshops and programs which connect computer programming to areas that kids are truly passionate about. Our programs are structured in safe and open environments infused with communication, collaboration, and creativity.

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Information about student signups for our 2023 late winter/early spring session will be released soon! A list of available branches and registration will be also be released!

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